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Emmy Nominated 2017*

At Mutiny Post our team of mixers, sound designers and editors allow us to accommodate a wide variety of projects. From pre-production to final deliverables, we can stand by you for the entire audio process. Or utilise our services anywhere along the line to fit within your production workflow.

We can help you explore co-production opportunities and advise on Ireland's recently enhanced Section 481 tax incentive which can be worth up to 32% of Irish spend. With ISDN and Source Connect, our convenient city centre location also provides easy access for visiting talent and productions to use our ADR and voice recording facilities.

Contact us to discuss a tailor made package to suit your technical and budgetary requirements.

Mutiny. Join us in our playground.

*The 44th Daytime Emmy Awards - Steve Maher - Outstanding Sound Mixing - Peter Rabbit

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From narration to full cinema mixes, Mutiny Post have a magnificent array of solidifying sound smoothing sonic boxes and all the necessary rectifying aural adjusting amenderators required to audioize just about anything. But our favourite tool? Our big fat ears. Funny that.

*Aud-i-o-ize [aw-dee-oh-ahyz] verb (used with object) aud-i-o-ized - aud-i-o-iz-ing

  1. 1. To form an aural image
  2. 2. To make the real or imaginary audible at Mutiny
Also, especially British, aud-i-o-ise.


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